Baddie Captions To Get His Attention

If you want to stand out from the crowd, try being a baddie.

The best way to make a bad guy feel good? With a pretty face 😍

You can’t miss the baddest girl in town 💪🏼

Hey, baddy. I’ve got a challenge for you: if I hit you with my laser sword, will you listen to what I have to say?

Bad girls always make the best villains ❤️

Bad girls are my favorite!

Let me guess: you’re the bad guy in this story. 🙅🏻‍♀️

The only thing that can kill me is you, so make it worth your while.

Don’t be surprised when you find me in your dreams tonight.

I’m looking for a baddie with a heart of gold

The worst thing you can do is be too good looking.

Who do you think is the baddest person on earth? We’re talking about social media likes, followers and comments.

I’m the baddest one in this relationship.

Hey, you. Come here. I need a date.

Don’t mess with me. I’m bad to the bone

You’re the best baddie I could imagine.

You think you got what it takes to get my attention?

The baddest man in the world: super smooth and a little bit of this, and that’s it.

I’m a bad girl, but I’ll never let you know it.

Let me tell you a secret. He’s staring at the mirror and he knows it

Hey! I think we’re trying to avoid the same thing here.

A tux is no match against a pair of eyes as cold as this.

I’m a baddie but I can also be good for you. How about we work together on finding your inner baddie?

Hey, baddie. I want your attention. How about a coffee date?

Tell him the baddest you got, and he’ll get down.

I’m a bad girl so you’d better be mine

What if I told you that I could get you a date with my ex?

“A bad day at work doesn’t compare to a good night with you.”

Don’t be afraid to be bold, but don’t be afraid to be subtle either.

If you’ve got a thing for baddies, you’ll love this.

Come, Let’s get Bad.

I’m a bad boy, bad to the bone. I’m all about a good time, and I don’t play by the rules.

Are you the baddest of them all?

You’re the most dangerous man I’ve ever met, but I don’t mind. 😉

If you’re going to go all James Bond, you might as well go all 007.☀

I’m gonna go on a date with your best friend.

You want me, you need me. But I’ve never been the type to follow orders.

No one can cross me!

You’re starting to get on my nerves.

It’s not easy to get him away from what he’s into, but we can try–we’re the best baddies for a reason.

A baddie you can’t take your eyes off of.

Go ahead and call me a baddie. It’s okay, I’ll accept it. 😎

When a baddie is hotter than you.

I’m so into you, I don’t even care about the baddies

When a baddie is revealed, keep your eyes on the prize.

Hey, I’m here. Tell me how to get your attention.

I’m not the kind of girl who needs to be saved. I don’t need to be saved, I just need to be what you see when you look at me.

I see where your heart’s at, and it’s in the right place. Here’s to a bad day gone right. 😞

Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

For the bad boys of the world. . . I’ve got your back.

I’m the baddest of them all.

This is a message from the bad guy.

If you want to get noticed, first you have to make yourself noticeable.

Did you just get a text from the provocateur?

Who ya gonna call? That’s right, me!

You’re not going to see this coming.

If you want to be noticed, be a baddie 🔥

I’ve been trying to get your attention for weeks.

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. You look good enough to eat 🍜 🥕 🥜

You’re making me swoon when you smile and I want to punch you in the face 🦁

How did you get so damn cool?

You had me at hello. 😉

Who you got?

Bring the hate, baby.

You got some ‘splainin to do, mister.

I’m so bad, I’m good.

If you’re gonna be a bad guy, you better look good doing it.

It’s a challenge to make him smile. But I’ll do it. 🙌 💥

I’m the bad girl you wish you had a date on Saturday night.

“I’m gonna be a bad boy, I’m gonna be your bad boy.”

It’s not enough to just be a pretty face – you gotta have some baaaadness in your game.

Don’t be a coward. Go after what you want, even if that means facing down the baddies who stand in your way.

I’m not your villain. I’m your obsession.

He’s got some moves. Let’s do this.

You’re looking at the baddest thing to ever walk this earth.

I’m not afraid of you.

I’m the devil on your shoulder.

The more you ignore me, the more I’ll come for you.

You got a good one, don’t ya? 😉

I’ll be the baddie you have been waiting for.

When your bad guy’s actually cute 😜😘

I’d rather be in your bad side than good side. #badlikes

No one is better than you at being a bad guy.

I’m the type of girl who makes it hard to look away.

Just like every good villain, I have a list of enemies. And it’s long.

If your date is late, it’s not a sign that he isn’t interested. It’s a sign that he’s still trying to get through airport security

When you love someone, it’s hard to let them go. It’s easy to forget that love is fleeting, and can be taken by the worst of men.

He’s not here. He’s off getting coffee.

I don’t care that you’re allergic to nuts, I’m keeping you.

The only thing that can stop me is a piece of toast.

I’m at your mercy.

If you don’t know, now you know.

When in doubt, speak. You never know what the silence will do.

I’m the baddest of all baddies. I’m the ultimate villain and can’t be destroyed. I am made out of dark matter, and I am the world’s best captions

I’ll be the first to admit, I have a thing for baddies.

I’m a baddie for the baddest of reasons.

I’m a baddie who will get what I want.

Let’s see if I can get your attention…

You. Will. Not. Miss. Me.

You’re the one. I’m yours.

A villain with a heart of gold who will sacrifice anything for the people he loves.

If you’re going to go all in, why not go all in with the best?

The only thing you should be afraid of is the night that comes after.

Don’t be afraid of the darkness. Embrace it.

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